Personal Loans

Freedom Bank is there for you when you need a money.

Take advantage of today’s interest rates and take control of your finances with a personal loan. We can help you get the financial freedom you are looking for. Think of us as your partner for financing the purchases of life.

How can a personal loan help you?

With a personal loan you can consolidate debt, get lower interest rates, and simplify your payment schedules. You can also use a loan to make a new purchase… maybe the purchase of your dreams.

When you need money, turn to Freedom Bank; we fund a variety of personal loans across the Flathead Valley.

At Freedom Bank we offer the following personal loan options.

Personal Line of Credit
When you need flexibility and dependability, you can rely on a personal line of credit from Freedom Bank. With a line of credit, you can access funding for your anticipated purchases and unexpected expenses.

Auto Loan
They say your first car is like your first love; you never forget it. Whether it is your first car or your fiftieth, Freedom Bank can help you finance your purchase.

Home Loan and Refinancing
Home is where the heart is. We want you to have the place you call home. Freedom Bank knows all about home mortgages and can help you refinance when the time comes.

New Construction Loans
We know that building is a whirlwind of details. Freedom Bank can handle the financing while you focus on your project. Let’s team together on your next build.

Home Equity Line Of Credit
Access the credit in your home to finance a variety of projects, purchases, and expenses. Freedom Bank can help you maneuver your finances for the best possible situation.

Overdraft Protection
We have your back on this. When you need overdraft protection, Freedom Bank is there.

We are here to team with you and help you when you need it. Contact us or come in and see us to get started.