Mobile App Card Control

Card Management Is Included With The Freedom Bank MT Mobile App

The next generation digital solution integrates directly with the FreedomBankMT Mobile application to deliver connected digital-first payment experiences. The additional card management functions create convenience and transparency for every debit card transaction.

These features include but are not limited to:

  • Understand spending clearly with quick, accessible insights.
    • Transactions will be more transparent with clear merchant names, logos, interactive maps to find merchant locations and contact information.
  • Manage your card on the go with advanced control.
    • View Subscriptions, Recurring Payments, and Card-on-file information.
    • Add Travel Plans when you need them, including out-of-country.
    • Engage in real-time notifications with transaction alerts
    • Turn your card off if you misplace it. Please note, if you have lost your card contact Freedom Bank as soon as possible at (406)892-1776.




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How To Access The Card Features

  • Simply tap the ‘Cards’ icon within the Freedom Bank MT mobile app to register your debit card and see all the new features, enable alerts or manage your existing card controls. Take advantage of the convenient safety controls at your fingertips.