Hometown Hero

Freedom Bank Hometown Hero

Have you noticed someone in our community that goes above and beyond expectations; quietly doing extraordinary things for the greater good? Freedom Bank wants to recognize these individuals that are cultivating our community and making a positive impact that is spreading throughout the Flathead Valley. We believe that unsung heroes deserve recognition, and it has never been truer today. These individuals impact our families, friends, neighborhoods, communities and the valley with their commitment to give more than they receive.

We are asking you to nominate a person, or group, that has made a positive impression on you; someone you have noticed that is inspired to make our local community a better place. Please visit the Freedom Bank Hometown Hero Award link to nominate someone at the beginning of each month, then return the last two weeks of each month to vote for your favorite nomination.

View January/February nominations

Nominations 1/25 – 2/15

Voting 2/16 – 2/28

Hometown Hero Award: Kelly Hamilton

View March nominations

Nominations 3/1 – 3/15

Voting 3/16 – 3/31

Hometown Hero Award: Maverick Bench

View April nominations

Nominations 4/1 – 4/15

Voting 4/16 – 4/30

Hometown Hero Winner: Micah Hill

View May nominations

Nominations 5/1 – 5/15

Voting 5/16 – 5/31

Hometown Hero Winner: Lee Huestis

View June nominations 

Nominations 6/1 – 6/15

Voting 6/16 – 6/30

Hometown Hero Winner: We are still trying to contact the winner and will post as soon as they are contacted


Nominations 7/1 – 7/15    

Voting 7/16 – 7/31   

Monthly winners can be viewed in our blog, Freedom Bank’s Facebook or Instagram posts.